Motul MARINE TECH 4T 25W40-1L
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Motul MARINE TECH 4T 25W40-1L

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Motul expands its nautical range with the new engine oil Marine Tech 4T 25W-40

This new oil for 4 stroke Outboard and Inboard engines completes the Marine range. With this new oil, Motul has confirmed its status as a lubricant specialist for all types of mobility.

The MARINE TECH 4T 25W-40 engine oil is a 4 stroke Technosynthese® type of oil specially formulated for Petrol Outboard and Inboard engines. It has a strengthened synthetic base for better engine protection and greater longevity.

Marine engines operate at lower temperatures than land engines as their cooling systems use water taken from their immediate environment (lakes, rivers, the sea...). This full load operation and also at a low temperature can cause major fouling of some engine parts such as pistons or spark plugs.

That's why MARINE TECH 4T 25W-40 oil has been specially formulated for marine applications by integrating technology using detergents and dispersants to ensure engine cleanliness, reduce fouling and avoid corrosion from a saline environment. By its viscosity it also provides better resistance to wear over the entire range of operating temperatures. This new oil is adapted to all engines recommending a 25W-40 grade in accordance with the API SL and NMMA FC-W standards, especially Mercury Verado/Mercruiser engines.