Quicksilver Premium 2 Cycle TCW3 Outboard Oil
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Quicksilver Premium 2 Cycle TCW3 Outboard Oil

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Quicksilver Two Stroke Oil TC-W3

Certified TC-W3 oil designed to meet the unique requirements of marine outboard engines. Gain engine life and performance with this specially formulated 2 cycle outboard oil. Quicksilver formula allows this oil to be used in a wide variety of non-marine 2 cycle engine applications when mixed at manufacturer's recommended ratios. Can be used in all non-Optimax Non 2 cycle outboards where TC-W3 is specified.
Quicksilver TC-W3 is an advanced oil formulated for two stroke outboards.

It is a blended oil which exceeds TC-W3 certification, it contains added dispersants and detergents and is the best possible protection against the adverse conditions and low quality fuel. Helps to defend engines against carbon and other harmful deposit build-up. Improves engine efficiency, fights corrosion, extends spark plug life and burns cleaner. Especially formulated for added protection in extreme conditions in conventional 2 stroke engines.