Sikaflex 295UV Window Sealant 300ml
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Sikaflex 295UV Window Sealant 300ml

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Sikaflex®-295 UV is a 1-component polyurethane adhesive of paste-like consistency that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture. It is suitable for interior and exterior sealing applications and to bond organic glass in the Marine business. Sikaflex®-295 UV meets the requirements set out by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).  


  • Excellent application properties
  • Resistant to ageing and weathering
  • Suitable for organic glasses
  • Approved for the OEM market
  • SOLAS / Wheelmark approved


Sikaflex®-295 UV has been specially developed for the marine industry, where it is used to bond and seal plastic glazing materials in boats and ships. Because of its excellent weatherability this product can also be used to seal joints in exposed areas. Suitable substrates are aluminium (bright or anodized), GRP (polyester resin), stainless steel, timber, 2-component coatings and plastic glazing materials (PC, PMMA). Seek manufacturer’s advice and perform tests on original substrates before using Sikaflex®-295 UV on materials prone to stress cracking. This product is suitable for experienced professional users only


Primers can vary depending on the substrate Please contact us for advice