Star Tron® Ring Clean+ (500ml)
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Star Tron® Ring Clean+ (500ml)

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  • Formulated with the latest technology deposit control compounds, plus a proprietary enzyme package designed to remove existing deposits and help prevent the formation of new deposits
  • Improves fuel combustibility to keep engines clean and operating at peak performance levels
  • Ideal for removing deposits caused by ethanol-blended fuel
  • Keeps carburettors, fuel injectors, intake ports and combustion chambers clean
  • Works in all gas engines; use every 4th or 5th fill up or as often as needed to keep engines in optimal condition
  • Treats up to 160 gallons (600 litres) of gasoline


INSTRUCTIONS: Use 1 fl. oz. (28.35g) of Ring Clean+® for every 10 gallons (45.46ltr) of fuel. Recommended treatment rate is every 4 to 5 tanks or as often as needed. Using original Star Tron® Enzyme® Fuel Treatment at every fuel fill is also recommended to keep the engine operating at peak performance levels. Safe for use in all gas engines