Starbrite Liquid Rubbing Compound Heavy 500ml
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Starbrite Liquid Rubbing Compound Heavy 500ml

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  • Removes stains, medium oxidation and scratches.
  • For fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces.
  • Convenient liquid formula.
  • Great for hand or buffer application.
  • Does not set up like most rubbing compounds so removal is quick and easy.


  • Wash surface to remove dirt and grime.
  • Apply small amount of Starbrite Liquid Rubbing Compound to surface with a clean, dry cloth
  • Rub in a circular, overlapping motion with firm pressure while compound is wet
  • Rotate application cloth frequently to prevent reapplication of removed oxidation
  • Let dry until a haze appears and then buff with another clean, dry cloth
  • Do a small area at a time to ensure uniform cleaning
  • Several applications may be necessary to totally restore finish
  • If using an electric buffer, be careful not to apply too much pressure which can burn surfa